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HOLY GHOST CHAPEL is situated at the former Progrès College, Carrefour Grand, Canyon, Douala.



Apostle/evangelist  OKECHUKWU E. JONAH was born in Amuhie, Amaibo on Nov. 3.1964 in Isuikwato L.G.A. OF Abia State, Nigeria.  He attended Methodist college Uzuakoli Abia State Nigeria and graduated in 1983. While in school, he committed his life to the Lord Jesus Christ and in 1982, he got baptized in the Holy Spirit.


In 1984, he received a call from God for a full-time evangelical ministry. Following the call, evangelist O.E. Jonah entered into his denominational (Church) Bible School and graduated in 1986. He was posted by the Christ Ascension Church Board as an evangelist to the Northern parts of Nigeria where he spent almost 5 years preaching, planting churches and pasturing within the area.


In 1990, he got married to evangelist Pricillia Jonah who also is called by God to the evangelistic ministry. In 1991, he went again to the bible school for further studies, from where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in theology/Ministry. This was followed by His ordination as an evangelist in April 1993. His ministry has led him to almost all parts of Nigeria, preaching the gospel.


Since 1993, Rev/Evangelist O. E. Jonah and his wife have been serving as missionaries, evangelists and pastors in the Republic of Cameroon. He lives in Douala, from where he has been traveling to the other provinces of Cameroon preaching the gospel. He is the general overseer of the Holy Ghost Chapel Church in Douala.


He coordinated and presented the program “Christian Teaching” (Redemption Time) in Radio Douala, Sundays 6.30 – 7 p.m. This radio program started in 1995.



He has authored some books and pamphlets like “Daily Bible Reading Guide”, “Hard times in life and ministry and how to go through them”, etc.


He is the founder and president of Jonah Soul Winning Ministries International.


Apostle O.E. JONAH belongs to these organizations.

v     He is a partner to  Morris CERULLO World  Evangelism. San Diego, CA, USA.

v     A member of Association of Evangelical Gospel Assemblies, Monroe Louisana USA


v     A member of National Committee for Evangelism and Missions Cameroon.

v     President , Nigerian missionaries Association Douala – Cameroon

v     A member of Coordination of Pentecostal and revived churches in Douala - Cameroon

v     A member of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria.


He has preached the gospel in Nigeria, Cameroon, Benin Republic and United States of America, etc.




I started my missionary work in Cameroon in 1993, by March 1995, after fasting and praying, I was led by the Lord to start an evangelistic ministry and a Church in Douala.


This ministry called Jonah Soul Winning Ministries led to the starting of a Radio ministry in the same year 1995. I had a preaching and teaching program every Sunday by 6.30 p.m. at the Cameroon Radio and Television Station (CRTV) in Douala.


This program was aired to the population of Littoral and South West provinces of Cameroon with an estimated audience of 3.2 millions people. Many people gave their lives to Christ and are happily worshipping God in living churches in these regions. This program lasted for 3 years (1995-1998) and stopped because of lack of funding.


We still believe that this radio program will continue in the future if we have funds.  Cameroonians need the gospel because only about 3% of the population has accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.


From 1996, I was invited by some churches for gospel crusades which we did in some major cities like Douala, Yaounde, Limbe, Buea, Kumba, Garoua, Ngaoundéré. In these crusades, the Lord did miracles and hundreds of people were saved.


As I continued to minister in the land, I saw that the majority of the population don’t come to the crusade grounds or churches to hear the word of God and there is no way they can be saved if they do not hear the gospel (cf Romans 10: 14)


I entered into prayers to ask the Lord what to do. The Lord gave me a vision and commission to reach the people where they are – in the streets, parks, market places, shops and homes with the gospel.


Because of this vision, in the year 2000, I bought an old vehicle, equipped it with horn speakers and a sound system. I trained an evangelistic group and we started going out to preach in the streets, market places, parks, shops and homes in Douala and its neighborhood. People began to give their lives to Christ because of this approach.


Our main goal is to enlarge our evangelistic activities in the land of Cameroon and Africa from 2004.


To help us in any way, click here to let us know how. God bless you.


Rev Jonah & wife Pricillia Jonah

Evangelist Daniel Opara

Evangelist Isaiah Wilson

Evangelist Ndedi Thomas

Evangelist Raymond Bilong



Jonah Soul Winning Ministries

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